Ed Asner, Alzheimers and Powder Burns

Ed Asner: Alive IRL, Dying in the Old West

I incorrectly stated in the previous review for the newsletter folks, back in February 2018 that Ed Asner is no longer alive. Like many, I was duped by a death hoax. Mr. Asner is very much alive at the time of this writing.

Ed Asner is no stranger to audio drama and theatre. Starring in the lead in "Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting" as the titular character and Jabba the Hut in the Return of the Jedi radio drama; his career acts as a transition between old time radio and the new podcast-focused storytelling. His voice, once you've heard it, is unmistakable. He plays the crotchety old man caricature but does so with grace and elegance. His performance in Powder Burns is no less extravagant.

Episode six of the western Powder Burns is a huge step up in the emotional value of the story. Like the last episode, this one feels very much self-contained. Taken on its own, the story is both heartbreaking and filled with mystery. Long time fans of the blind Sheriff will know the significance of a certain scene. People who are binge listening might pick up on it, but for someone who's even just a casual fan, they'll notice the reference.

Honing in on the performances, Asner truly captures the mental state of someone with Alzheimer's. Something that's easy to turn into comedy, rather than serious drama. In addition to Asner, John Wesley Shipp's delivery is much more nuanced. The arguments between characters are also well crafted and with one more episode left it'll be interesting to see how the story ties itself together.

4.5/5 Stars





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